・April 3 2018 --- We begin to remodel a home page completely, but we're late substantially. The race we offer is the same schedule as last year for the moment.
・January 30---The race schedule for 2018 was decided.
        It is September 22 to 24, 2018.
        The entry start is scheduled for April.
・October 5---Result published in TOP.
・August 29---Shuttle bus reservation information updated.
・August 1---It has released a number on the entry list.
・July 5---The shuttle bus information page has been updated.
・July 4---120Km and 70Km have increased cutoff time & point due to
      safety issues.
・June 23---We have released an entry list.
・April 26---Simulation video was added to the 70 course page.
・April 19---Simulation video was added to the course page.
・March 21---It was updated website "ABOUT".
・March 17---It was updated website,The 4th convention.
        Please bring "About" a little more.