Updated:July 31, 2017
Organizer The Joshu Mt. Hotakasan Sky View Trail Committee
Sponsors Village of Kawaba, town of Minakami, village of Katashina, city of Numata, Gunma Mountaineering Association, Mt. Hotakasan Development, village of Kawaba Sports Association, village of Kawaba Sports Commission, village of Kawaba Chamber of Commerce, Kawaba-mura Tourist Association, town of Minakami Sports Association, Minakami-machi Tourist Association, Minakami Chamber of Commerce, village of Katashina Sports Association, village of Katashina Tourist Association, village of Katashina Chamber of Commerce, KANTO Regional Forest Office, prefecture of Gunma Tone-Numata Prefectural Bureau, the Jomo Shinbun, the Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., the Asahi Shimbun Company, and Gunma Television
Name 4th Village of Kawaba Yamada Noboru Memorial Cup
Date September 21 Friday to,Septembe 22, and 23, 2019.
The event is held in light rain.
Schedule ■ (Friday)Check-in Time   Previous day: 13:00~17:00   Check-in Location village of Kawaba Gymnasium.
■ (Saturday)Ceremony 3:40.   Start Time 4:00.
■ (Sunday)Finish Line   Kawaba-mura Central Park
Site Around Joshu Mt. Hotakasan in Gunma Prefecture
Distance About 143 km
Total height difference of about 9,200 m or more
*Distances may vary slightly depending on the conditions of course maintenance.
Completion point: Application is to be submitted so that it counts as four UTMB・UTMF points.6
Course YAMADA NOBORU MEMORIAL CUP Division (Posts from 129 Kp to 1 Kp are installed approximately every kilometer)

Kawaba Fureai Parking-21st Century Forest-Mt. Takate-Kengamine Peak-Mt. Kengamine-Hodaigi Ski Slope- Evacuation Hut-Mt. Oki-Hotakasan-Hotaka Farm Ski Slope-Iwakura Ski Slope-Katashina Kogen Ski Slope-Oguna Hotaka Ski Slope -Akakura Ridge-Kirinoki Daira-Mt. Koseki-Mt. Asamatsu-Mt. Amagoi-Kawaba Fureai Parking

  1. Capacity shall be 800 people.
  2. It shall compete for the individual's time required.
  3. Measurement is performed by electronic measurement of IC chip reading.
  4. Establish seven aid stations and prepare water, sports drinks, various supplementary meals, etc.
  5. Establish time limits with ten checkpoints.
  1. Awards 1st to 6th overall
  2. Awarded 1st to 3rd place by age
Race completion certificate and records A finish certificate is given to all finishers.
The grade chart will be published on the website within 1 month after the meeting.
  1. Male and female competitors who are 19 or older on the day of the event and have completed two or more trail running events over a distance of 50 km or longer within the past three years by March 31, 2019
  2. People who are confident of completing the entire race without getting lost on the course before the cutoff time
Participation fee and application
  1. Participation fee: 30,000 yen for the YNMC Division (The participation fee includes insurance for accidents and injuries.)
  2. Application:
    1. Applications must be submitted through either the RUNNET. Eight hundred applicants for the YNMC division on a first-come, first-served basis
    2. The application starts: April 1, 2017, through the Internet (Entry start time is 10 o'clock)

In preparation
  1. Make it yourself.
  2. Please refer to ACCESS.
  1. This event involves rigorous running for more than mainly in mountainous areas, including areas with an altitude of 2,000 m.Competitors are entirely responsible for risks of injury, illness, or getting lost, which are caused by bad weather, including cold strong winds, rain, and snow, health problems, getting lost, tripping over, falling from hills, falling rocks, wild animals, bears, bees, and snakes. You need to avoid them at your own risk.
  2. Runner check-in: Friday, September 22, Vin the village of Kawaba Gymnasium from 13:00 to 17:00 (The check-in is held on the day before because the race starts early in the morning.)
  3. It is necessary to submit health checkup check sheet and participation pledge. Required documents
  4. To face the race with perfect physical condition.
  5. To manage valuables by yourself.
  6. Eating and water other than Aid station should be prepared by yourself.
  7. A doctor or a competition officer may cancel a competition against a player determined to be unable to continue the race.
  8. It is necessary to overtake after signing(Call) the runner. However,it should be done at the responsibility of each person in a narrow place or a place considered dangerous.
  9. I take my own garbage home.
Others Be sure to read the separately provided Rules and Regulations for Competitors.